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About Myself For Marriage Biodata Samples and Do’s and Don’ts

Writing About Myself For Marriage Biography is probably going one of many easy jobs but it may grow to be highly effective whereas creating your biodata is based on your personality. Everyone is totally different, and when you write about yourself, you are showing your uniqueness, your character, strengths, Personality, accomplishments, unique talents, and behavior.



About Myself For Marriage Biodata Samples and Do's and Don'ts

How to write about myself for marriage biodata?

Writing about yourself for marriage resume is a challenging task. When we spoke to people about creating matrimony profiles or biodata for marriage, a lot of our respondents felt that coming up with something smart for “about myself for marriage biodata” was the most difficult thing to do.

However, the first thing you will probably take up when creating your biodata for marriage is to write about yourself. People are either clueless or they get transported away by what they see others do. The outcome is sometimes comical!

Since getting our hands on marriage biodata is difficult, we decided to review matrimony profiles in a popular matrimony site to identify do’s and don’ts when writing “about myself for marriage biodata”.

Free Samples for About Myself For Marriage Biography that helps you out from the crowd:

  1. I belong to a well-mannered middle-class family and firmly believe in Hindu culture, rituals & holds an open-minded personality. I am a pure vegetarian and never drank or smoked. I’m Affectionate, kind-hearted, Caring, Happy & believes in Hard Work and creativity. My hobbies are Reading, Dancing, Watching Online Documentaries and Learn New Things.
  2. I’m mature, candid, and have integrity, a warmth, caring, loving, & dependable specific person. I share a very specific bond with all my mates & family. I like to carry secrets and techniques and strategies & the entire people round me trust their points to me. I like to help people in seeking out choices for his or her points & furthermore do loads of social service at NGOs as I’ve achieved my grasp in Social analysis. My strengths are hard-working, self-motivating, and committed to my work. I like watching worldwide information channels and browse newspapers. I also like consuming seafood and trying out my hand in making a couple of my favorite preparations at home as soon as I get a chance.
  3. I’m a caring, understanding, cultured, cute, wise and open-minded girl. I’ve completed my graduation from XYZ college and presently working as a software program analyst in a well-reputed organization. I’m a financially independent and highly competent special person and pursue my enthusiasm for pictures facet by facet. I have the benefit of life to its perfect extent. I am remarkably worth humorousness, with the flexibility to snicker at yourself, with the flexibility to keep up a correspondence, custom usually, social factors, staying match, and the freedom to suppose out of the sphere. Her hobbies embodiment finding out, educating, music, dancing, cooking, touring and lots of others. You can anticipate homely conduct and dedicated up-bringing from XXX.
  4. I’m 26 years outdated, 5’8″ tall, with a medium assemble and a constructive outlook within the course of life. I am a Commerce graduate from D.U. and at present figuring out completely different selections of pursuing my analysis further or discovering a job. According to my mom and father & mates, I’m a daring, self-made, down-to-earth specific individual and I’m very energetic regarding taking up household duties. I like to decorate my residence with an entire stickler for cleanliness. I’m looking for a Life Partner for me at Matrimony Indians using their beautiful biodata designs.
  5. I is a kind-hearted, simple person living in Pune, qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) & completed study of B.Com. I am working as a Senior Associate at Tata Motors Pune. I have interests in reading, watching films, traveling to new places, and listening to music. I am a strong believer in equality amidst all of us and one can make this world a better place through a small act of kindness.
  6. I’ve been an achiever at all times be it teachers or skilled life or sports activities or every other area in my life. I consider in success by way of honorable work & dedication. I’m a progressive thinker and respect every particular person’s area and values.
  7. I am an easy-going, god-fearing, caring, polite, understanding, reliable, and kind-hearted human being. I consider it within the motto “Live and let live”. I hate liars. I’m fun-loving, down earth, and really a lot optimistic. I like touring, sightseeing, listening to rock music, studying all the most recent fantasy novels.
  8. I’d describe myself as someone who’s reliable, fashionable, smart and someone who always has a smile on the face. I am a big Nature and Animal lover. I have lived in various parts of India and appreciate all cultures & customs. Looking ahead to exploring more with someone of my age. I have always enjoyed and liked the company of my parents.
  9. I came from a middle-class family. The most important thing in my life is religious beliefs, ethical values & respect for elders. I’m an easy-going, honest, caring person with a strong work ethic. I am a modern thinker and follow good values given by our ancestors. I like Painting, love traveling with friends, writing, listening to classical music & watching the latest films.
  10. I am a very courteous, sensitive and family-oriented person. Would like to meet my friends and family frequently, like to travel to different countries and explore. I enjoy yoga with spirituality. I’m an easy-going, honest, caring person with a strong work ethic and consider myself a modern thinker.

More Detailed About Myself For Marriage Biodata Samples Lists:

1. About my daughter for marriage biodata – Written by a parent

Vivacious, bold, and joyous – these are the words that best describe our oldest daughter. After completing her education as an garment designer at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Chennai in 2017, she joined Amazon as a merchandising manager. She is presently rising in Bangalore and plans to continue her career after marriage.

Our daughter grew up in a moderately conservative home and maintains a balance between traditions and keeping up with the times. She is very talented and creative by nature be it in the kitchen or at work. Being an extrovert, she has a large circle of friends and can strike up a conversation with anyone with very little effort.

2. About my son for marriage – Written by a father

My son is a well-settled engineer mechanical working as a product designer for a major Indian automobile MNC in Pune. He grown up in Mumbai and completed his engineering degree from IIT Kanpur in 2015.

My son has always been educationally inclined and a voracious reader. He is truly passionate about his career and hopes to make a name for himself as an vehicle designer. Whereas work is important he also believes in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. He is an avid runner and loves to keep himself fit.

We see him as an easygoing, down-to-earth person who is honest in his thoughts and actions. While I am taking the initiative to create his profile for marriage, he will be glad to discuss further if interested.

3. Sample matrimonial profile description – a wheelchair-bound woman

I am a 28-year-old librarian living in Lucown. I am wheelchair bound but I am completely independent and can lead a quite normal life. I even drive around the city in my modified car. I belong to the < caste > community from Madhya Pradesh.

My handicap has not stopped me from leading a full and complete life so far. I completed my Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in library management from the and started working for the Public Library five years ago. I am a book lover and my job at the library is a dream come true actually. I am presently reading by .

In addition to reading books, I love playing the keyboard and learned to play it when I was a child. The keyboard allows me to channel my creative energies and my love for Hindi songs. I even have a dozen albums of my own keyboard compounds.

Facing difficulties and overcoming them has been liberating for me and gives me the confidence that I can face any challenge that life can throw at me. I am caring, affectionate and love the company of family and friends. I look ahead to finding someone who will enrich my life and join me in the journey ahead.

4. Marriage profile sample – Air hostess

I is a 26 years old senior stewardess with Indigo Airlines, based out of Cochin. I am a Parsi by choice as my parents had an inter-religion marriage and my mother happens to be a Roman Catholic.

I am tall (6 feet) and fit and take my personal grooming and fitness serious. I once was out of shape but worked hard to regain my fitness.

My love for flying began at a young age and I enrolled at the local flying club when I was in high school. I started flying gliders, however, my dream to become a pilot was cut short because of my color-blindness. Setbacks in my life have made me stronger and I decided early on that I would work in the aviation sector.

Besides flying, playing cricket is my favorite weekend activity. I played for the Indigo women’s cricket team and thoroughly enjoyed playing competitive cricket.

I am a friendly person and I find it easy to strike up a conversation with total strangers. While I enjoy interacting with people, I also enjoy solitude and the opportunity to make myself cozy on my favorite couch and read a novel. I am a happy go-to happy person and have developed a knack for taking things in my stride. Hope to meet a friend and soul mate for life.

5. Describe myself for marriage – Self-employed

I is 26 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, an athletic young woman from a middle-class family.

I own a small business in Bangalore and live with my parents and a young sister. I belong to < caste > and my native village is < name >.

I am the first person from our family to finish school. I started working for a garment company after school and now own an garment shop for toddlers. My father and sister helped me out at the shop.

I have been active in sports since infancy and even now participate in amateur track and field events. I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan and never miss any of his films.

I have big goals in life and want to become a successful entrepreneur. I would like to give back to my village by creating a school and helping the people in my village get a better education. In the future, I would like to enrolled in a college for a part-time course.

I do not drink or smoke and I am a non-vegetarian.

6. About myself for marriage – No parents

I am a straightforward and honest person with strong work ethics. I am a < caste > but caste is not an issue for me. I am 5’7″ inches tall and slim. I wear contact lens.

I come from a middle-class background and my parents have taught me the importance of not taking nothing for granted. My parents passed away when I was in college. I took up a job immediately after graduation in order to support my youthful brother. I have done good in my banking career and I believe it is time for me to settle down.

I have a few close friends who have standing by me through all the ups and downs of life. I daddle in the stock market as a hobby and one day hope to become a serious investor. I love watching international news channels and read newspapers.

I love eating seafood and try my hand in making some of my favorite preparations at home when I get a opportunity. I am quite hands-on in managing household chores and grocery shopping. I’m a teetotaler and I don’t smoke.

7. About yourself for marriage biodata – Joint family

I am a sales executive working for an advertisement agency in Mumbai. I is a Mumbaikar and live in a joint family. I belonged to the and our grandparents were from .

Because I am always surrounded by my extended family members, I enjoy the company of people and also have a large circle of friends. My father passed away when I was a toddler and my mother (with help from our large family) raised me up.

I am about 5’11” inches with a medium build. I do not drink or smoke. I love good food and indulge in junk food sometimes! I believe delicious food is probably not healthy and vice versa.

People say I am extrovert and that’s probably a reason I do very well as a sales executive. I love the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and grab every opportunity to hang out with my friends on weekends. I is also a big-time fan of the Game of Thrones (GOT) and have read the books in addition to watching the TV series.

8. About me for marriage profile – Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with a MNC based out of Bangalore. I is a Kamma Reddy and my ancestors were based out of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.

I have been living and working in Bangalore for 5 years now. I was born and raised up in Hyderabad and my parents and sisters continue to live there.

I have a hectic schedule at work and travel to the US frequently for project work. I have a handful of close friends and we enjoy trekking on the weekends whenever time allows. Having lived in Bangalore for a while, I have picked up Kannada and I am quite conversant in the language.

I care deeply for my family and friends and treasure the time I spend with them. I dabble in poetry once a while and have been doing so since high school. I love the idea of drinking filter coffee with reading the paper first thing in the morning.

9. About myself in marriage biodata – NRI

I am a research scientist with a Pharmaceutical company in Philadelphia, United States. I is a green card holder and have been living in the US for over 7 years now. I have a Master’s degree in molecular biology and I am passionate about my work and the impact it has on treating serious diseases. I plan to become a US resident and settle down here.

I was born and raised up in New Delhi and my parents live there. I don’t have siblings. I belong to the my native village is , Uttar Pradesh.

People say I am an introverted. I love reading books, especially ones about plants and trees! I is a volunteer at the local nature club and I lead a small group of like-minded nature enthusiasts to document different trees and plans in the parks surrounding Philadelphia.

I also love watching independent films and short films. I cook on my own and have become good at making something out of whatever I find in my kitchen cupboard! I am a social drinker and don’t smoke.

About me in matrimony sites or marriage biography:

Use these About myself for marriage biodata or matrimonial profile samples to write a good paragraph about yourself that summarizes your educational background, occupation, personality, lifestyle, and interests.

Important point to keep in mind (Do’s) while writing about myself for marriage:

  • Always be honest in describing yourself on a marital site. about myself for matrimony sites have elaborate and exhaustive information columns. Please try to provide a detailed description of yourself.
  • About myself should always be written with a cool and calm mind, give some time to identify your accomplishments, talents, goals, and interests, and always be confident you are about yourself and your personality.
  • Include details of your education, income, family, religion, caste, community, location, partner preference etc. You have to fill or answer all this correctly and without manipulations.
  • Describe more about how you originally are and what your likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and some humorous points about you.
  • As you are writing about yourself for matrimony, So you should always have some interesting points about yourself for marriage, include those and also write how your friends describe you, also how are you professionally when you are on job and how are you when you are with your family relationships.
  • It’s always good to elaborate more about me in marriage which gives a good understanding about yourself also what are the things which matter more to you, what you expect from your life partner, also describe how flexible are you with relationships, etc. Your way of expressing things includes whether you are an extroverted or introverted nature.

Things that can be avoided (Dont’s) while writing about myself for marriage biodata

  • Always try to avoid unnecessary praise or bad-mouthing. It’s typically a sign that you’re deviating from your point if you elaborate on how much you love or hate someone or something.
  • Avoid writing wrong information and paradoxes, as they always create negative impressions.
  • Be simple, clear, and do not bluff. Don’t show off your money or status or don’t behave over smart. Always be genuine and courteous.
  • Try to keep about me in Matrimony simple and within 350 words, writing long paragraphs may be boring and diverting and may not help to create a good impact.
  • Avoid spelling and grammar errors, always try to write in the language you are comfortable with. Use some online tools like Grammarly which automatically help you to write fast and corrects your spelling and grammatical errors.