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Best Veg and Non-Veg Dishes in a South Indian Wedding

India has a diverse culture of customs and rituals. Every place has its own cultural practices and some new traditions that contribute to the Indian culture, and the traditions and cultures are transported forward from their ancestors. There are 29 states in India, and each state has its completely different level of celebrating a wedding. Weddings are the most important moment of one’s life, and Indian traditions ensure that weddings are celebrated and enjoyed wholeheartedly. Indian weddings are intriguingly planned and bring up festive moods.



Best Veg and Non-Veg Dishes in a South Indian Wedding

Best Veg and Non-Veg Dishes in a South Indian Wedding

Weddings are celebrated not only to relish the cultural aspects of different communities throughout the world. But those are occasions where you can sense fragrant flavors which is enough to fill your tummy and heart. The excitement increases if you are all set for a South Indian wedding as they find elevate the occasion with a variety of mouth-watering delights added to that extended spread.

Now, it’s time for us to check out the best veg and non-veg dishes in a South Indian wedding

Sadya – The traditional Kerala feast

Kerala is well-known for its picturesque locations and picturesque spots. But the state is also renowned for its tastyness, especially the traditional vegetarian feast. It is mostly served as lunch and it consists of rice, side dishes, pickles and desserts served on a plantain leaf.

Dosa – The all-time favorite

Dosa is absolutely a crowd pleaser, especially in South Indian weddings. This is a perfect vegetarian dish served on special occasions like Kerala and Tamil weddings. This is a staple breakfast option.

Well, you know about ‘dosa’ and if you think you are going to get what you think, then you are wrong. There will be a twist always. Because during marriages, special and variety dosas are served and it includes masala dosa, onion dosa, ghee dosa, along with scheshwan dosa, cheese dosa and more.

Rasam – To digest well

Rasam is a soupy dish and is served mostly during the end of the sadhya / feast. This is because Rasam is prepared using products that helps you to get perfect digestion after an extended meal. To have it with hot rice and along with papad is something that pleases your taste buds.

Bisi bele bath

This is another fine dish from Karnataka. You can find a lot of different varieties of this dish during Kannada wedding celebrations and it completely depends upon each and every family. They have their own style of making this lentil and veggie rice.

Kaara Kuzhambu

Prepared with onions, tomatoes, and garlic, Kaara Kuzhambu, also known as Vatha Kuzhambu is most popularly made in households of southern India. During wedding ceremonies, this tasty dish is served along with white rice, poriyal, and kootu.

If it was a walkthrough on south Indian vegetarian dishes, let’s now check some of the mouth-watering and favorite non-vegetarian dishes served during south Indian wedding celebrations.


This one is the major highlight among the wedding menu and is served mostly in southern Indian weddings. Every and everyone will have a handful of this sumptuous delicacy. Regarding the origin of this favorite dish, it is said that it came from western Asia and is not so quite ancient as well. Meanwhile, some others believe that it came via the coast of Malabar and by Arab traders. Whatever be its origin, the flavor is beyond any comparison that makes this a crowd-pulling dish.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is the most popular amongst biryani varieties. This is a world-famous dish which you cannot ever miss. When it is prepared, spices enriched with flavors are added to give it a divine taste.

Thalassery Biriyani

This is the most favorite biryani variety of Keralaites. The people of Kerala often choose this one to have it during the wedding celebrations, especially in Malabar region. This dish is prepared using Kaima rice which is cooked separately by adding ghee and spices along with masala flavours. Chicken or mutton is cooked separately together with veggies. All these are then put together in a dumpling to permeate flavors.

Dindigul Biriyani

Tamil people rely on this biryani variety as this is very simple to cook, but if all the ingredients are readymade. Locally available grain rice is used to prepare this dish. When you are in for a Tamil wedding, especially in a village, you can savor the real flavor of Dindigul Biryani.


Pullao is usually made with chicken or mutton. This is an Andhra dish and also specific to the Telangana region as well.

There are various popular varieties for this dish like Kodi Pulao, Konaseema Kodi Pulao and more. Since a traditional dish, this one is served during the wedding rituals in Andhra Pradesh.

Fish Fry

Why can’t you try fish? Chicken and mutton are common when you look for the wedding dish menu. But the excitement increases when you find there is fry fish. ‘Karimeen pollichathu’, the most popular Kerala fish fry variety is the major highlight during Kerala wedding ceremonies.

Seafood Varieties – Taste the ocean

People usually go for seafood / continental dishes when they celebrate their wedding. There are plenty of seafood varieties which delights your taste senses.

Payasam – The tasty dessert

You can end off your feast with a smooth and sweet payasam. This is an unavoidable dish during Kerala weddings and one can’t miss the sumptuousness of this creamy dish.

Made out of milk, rice, ghee, sugar, and a lot of other delicious ingredients, the Payasam makes your day while you celebrate a wedding ceremony.


Be it an extended feast or dosa variety, this is one is something that you cannot miss. Sambar is an exclusive dish of southern India.

Although it holds different versions depending on the region, the taste is unique and delicious.

Idli – A perfect breakfast

This is an exclusive breakfast variety in southern India and is mostly served during Tamil and Kerala wedding celebrations. Since a breakfast variety, it is usually served in the morning, especially during and after any ritualistic practices held in families. Simply pair it up with any other side dish like sambar, chutney or tomato/potato curry. It is delicious by all its means.

Avial – The mixed vegetable dish

During Kerala wedding ceremonies, while you consume that tasty sadhya, Avial is served because it is an integral part that cannot be avoided. This sumptous dish is the favorite dish for many because it comprises of mushy vegetables prepared with curd, coconut, curry leaves, and fresh coconut oil. Delicious, isn’t it?

But have you ever wondered about the origin of this dish? Avial is mythically related to the iconic and ancient Indian epic Mahabharatha. It is believed that Bhima, one of the mythical characters cooked “Avial” during his exile along with his brothers.


Puliogare, also known as Puliyodarai is a simple and delicious rice dish prepared with a tangy tamarind twist. Puli, in Malayalam and Tamil means acidic taste. Since this dish is Tamarind oriented, it gives you a feeling of sour taste and hence gained the name Puliogare. It is mostly served during Brahmin wedding celebrations or Iyengar wedding ceremonies.

Have it along with crispy papad or sumptuous salad and feel the real South Indian taste.

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