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Ajit Pawar stands apart as only NCP neta backing uncle’s quit plan



Ajit Pawar stands apart as only NCP neta backing uncle's quit plan

Ajit Pawar stands apart as only NCP neta backing uncle’s quit plan

MUMBAI: Former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, 63, has been at the center of the NCP’s succession dispute for years. His uncle Sharad Pawar founded the party. There has been talk lately that he might be revolting once more. Ajit Pawar stood out on Tuesday as the only senior NCP leader to support Sharad Pawar’s decision to resign as party chief.

Following the senior Pawar's retirement announcement, he addressed party members at the YB Chavan auditorium and stated, "You are under a misunderstanding that if Pawarsaheb is not the party president, he will not be in the party." That is not true. He stated, "In Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge is the president of the party, but Sonia Gandhi runs the party."

He stated that, taking into account Sharad Pawar’s age, it had been decided after discussions to provide the party with a new leadership team that would function under his direction. Nobody can question that NCP is Sharad Pawar. He will direct the work of the new president. There is compelling reason need to become profound. He had recently stated that the bhakri should rotate and a new leadership should be established.

He went on to say that he had spoken with Pratibha Pawar, Pawar’s wife, and she had informed him that he would not reverse his decision. Pawarsaheb will be in charge of a new chief. We ought to back the individual. We continue to be a family, and he continues to be the family’s head.

He stated that younger members of a family do receive opportunities from elders. In keeping with the times, this was going to happen at some point. What’s the problem if a new president is chosen under his direction? He inquired. A party or an association should accept choice in understanding of the prerequisite of the circumstance, it is an exercise in futility to take close to home choices,” he said.

“Pawarsaheb was going to make this announcement on May 1, but that day was the MVA rally, so the media would instead focus on that. Thus, the date of May 2 was chosen,” he said.

Several NCP leaders attempted to persuade senior Pawar to rethink his decision after his resignation speech. Ajit Pawar told his daughter Supriya Sule not to speak when party workers urged her to. Don’t say anything, Supriya. I’m expressing this in my ability as her senior sibling. ” Given that Ajit and Supriya are widely considered to be front-runners for the position, his remarks raised questions.

Some other time when party workersrefused to leave the hall until Pawar senior pulled out his renunciation, Praful Patel said the panel set up to name another president would think about their perspectives. When party laborers wouldn't withdraw, Ajit Pawar tersely said, "Do they suppose we are fools?"

Nonetheless, a party laborer hit back at Ajit Pawar. ” You assert that even the Congress has a party president who is employed by Sonia Gandhi. However, notice where the party is now,” he stated.

Ajit went to meet the senior Pawar with an NCP delegation later that day. By end of day, they had gotten a confirmation from the senior Pawar that he would require the retirement choice to be postponed for 2-3 days.

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